Holiday Gift Guide – Drink Lovers


Our holiday gift guides covered Kitchen Essentials and the BBQ Grillmasters, but what about those bartenders and drink lovers (me) out there? Don’t worry, we didn’t forget you! These gifts are perfect because there is usually someone at the party who takes charge of making the drinks, but there is always someone there to drink them (did I say me?). These gifts are for all of you!

Here is our holiday gift guide for the drink lovers:

2012 Christmas Gift Guide Drink Lovers Holiday Gift Guide   Drink Lovers

1. The Whisky Advent Calendar – $238.65 | Buy

2. Menu A/S – Wine Thermometer – $29.95 | Buy

3. ZEbag® Ultimate Wine Bottle Carrying Case – $25.01 | Buy

4. Ravi Solution Instant Wine Chiller – $37.76 | Buy

5. Sempli Cupa Wine Hand Blown Glasses – $54.99 | Buy

6. Fred and Friends Hopside Down Glass – $12.73 | Buy

7. Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit – $40.00 | Buy

8. Strange Brew Deluxe Wine Making Kit – $90.00 | Buy

9. Moleskine Passions Beer/Wine Journals – $13.57 | Buy

Be sure to check out our gift guides for Kitchen Essentials and BBQ Grillmasters too!

*The prices listed are what was shown online the day we found the item. Prices may vary.


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